LED of the highest quality

We produce our own LED bulbs to create probably some of the best LED bulbs on the market

We use LED bulbs with the highest quality of LED, with a good balance between brightness and color rendering. On the latest HC LED bulb, we use LED developed for the USA, as it keeps the brightness longer than LED developed for the European market. We specialize in making LED bulbs, with the traditional design we know. The glass must be of good quality and can in some cases be blown in relation to the use of the LED bulb. Inside the LED bulb socket lies our most complex and most important component of the LED bulb, namely the LED bulb transformer. We have put a complex LED compatible transformer in the LED bulb socket, which makes the light in the LED bulb dimmable, and Flickerfree. We have compacted the LED bulb transformer so that we do not have a collar between the socket and the LED bulb light source, so that we get the full benefit of the reverse light from the LED bulb and avoid compromising the design. In the latest HC LED bulb, we have dipped the transformer in hot conductive glue so that we can avoid heat and maintain a long life for the bulb.